Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sanders Starfish

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I have a friend who is an author. I say author because she is a published novelist, whereas I am just an aspiring writer. She created her life project and realized that it could be done again. So, she wrote a second book and due to her experience and struggles in her first novel, she was able to make it better and more marketable. Her first book is available online as well as in bookstores. It is a good book with a moral that is often forgotten in today's world. I am amazed and inspired that she did this and she is a great example of fortitude to me. I hope to have my own novel published soon (in the next five years). I look up to her diligence in making things happen. Read the book review off Amazon and I think you'll be impressed.

Her website, telling a little more about her is viewable here.