Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doodle Crazy

Posted by Dori Nottingham

If you know me at all you know I love dogs. Especially goldendoodles. No, I don't have one because I refuse to spend the $2500 to get one. However there are ways to get these doodles for free. People either love them or hate them but I truly feel that the reason they hate them is they personally feel inferior to that of the poodle. They are intimidated by their beautiful coat and their intellectualism. However Poodles are flat out a smart dog. Mix them with a Golden Retriever and you have a lovable smart dog. Oh....and did I mention that if you get an F2 breed...They don't shed. What excuses now do you have for not liking these adorable pups.

Oh and if you need a little more to substantiate my feeling that they are great. The National Association of Blind Dogs is often training doodles for the blind. They make the perfect companion for those in need. You don't hear that about Chow Chows.

This is zoe from Mountain View Labradoodles here in my neck on the woods. Beautiful she is!


Tracey said...

When we were "dog shopping" we considered the golden doodle and labradoodle as well, but they are SO incredibly expensive they got knocked off the list. Also, when we went to the dog park I was surprised at how huge some of these dogs are and I imagine require a lot of exercies. They are beautiful though.

Tracey said...

and a big pooper scooper!

camzant said...

you crack me up. :)

hsjacobus said...

I had heard of cockapoo's but never doodles. There seem to be a few poodle crosses out there with their very own name and that have a bonus of not shedding. This dog in the picture above is so cute. I would totally go for one if I wasn't a cow dog kinda girl. We have a blue heeler.