Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Spring is around the corner

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Definitely a cause for rejoicing!!! Despite the temperature where you may be there are signs of spring in the air. The other day I walked outside and noticed on the tree there were buds in place. The birds were singing and it literally stopped me in my tracks. With the days getting longer I can look forward to sunrise rather than rising before the sun. I can look forward to tulips and daffodils even if they do have snow on them. I can look forward to playing outside with my son and watching him discover the world for the first time.

I also thought to myself. It's time to exfoliate, to shave my legs, smooth my heals. Spring is a new birth and with these tiny little reminders it has motivated me. The resurrection of life coming full circle. How purifying that truly is. New day, new season, new life.

How's that for being positive :)


Fern said...

Oh, great, you mean I HAVE to start shaving again??!!
I guess it's that time of the year... But seriously, I too, see the signs and am getting spring fever!

hsjacobus said...

I'm with Jennifer. Shaving, ugh, but yeah your right it's time to get on with the sorry task. Who's idea was it anyway that women should have to shave half their body while men only have to shave their face?