Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good Luck

Posted by Dori Nottingham

What is it that makes us so drawn to animals. We are attracted to them and so love to see them in the zoo, at museums, and especially in the wild. A friend sent this to me and is was supposedly taken outside of Kamas Utah. Doesn't it make you smile? I'm not a hunter, had never seen a live moose until college, but how awesome would this have been to stroll across. Not only a moose but a white moose ta'boot. I don't think I would have believed my eyes. After doing a little research on this subject I found that this is actually not an 'albino' moose but rather a hereditary trait that can pass from generation from generation. They are more so common in Alaska but how this moose got to Utah is beyond my imagination. His great great great great.........grandfather probably left the old cow for greener grass. So typical :)

I know white elephants are good luck but I'm adding this to my list of good luck items. I think any all white animal would qualify


hsjacobus said...

Bizarre! I think the weirdest one I've ever seen was a white peacock. Someone sent it to me in an email.