Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nothing in the oven

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Sunday Morning and I'm not cooking a darn thing. It feels good but oh how I crave some good food on a lazy Sunday morning. I'm already dressed and out of my pajamas so maybe I'll dig through the over crowded freezer for the salmon that I vacuum packed so efficiently.....months ago. What is in my freezer anyway.....

Top Shelf: Frozen Fruit (tropical variety) and Ice Cream

Bottom Shelf: Frozen stir fry noodles (I wonder if you're supposed to freeze this), Sausage, Frozen blueberries (for that 'cafemuffon' experience I crave) more frozen sausage thanks to that foodsaver, edamame, edamame, edamame (The box wouldn’t fit so I had to separate), coconut, and something truly unrecognizable.

But no salmon.....I don't want to dig through the rest of the shelves. As soon as I pull one thing out.........Everything falls out!! The wiles of unorganization. I guess I’ll through the mystery item away. I’m on a roll.


Tracey said...

What do you do with all that edamame? I have to confess I didn't even know where/how or why one would buy soy beans until a couple months ago, and I only have one recipe for it...Cafe Yumm Sauce... Yumm!

Hunky Dori said...

I actually love edamame. I actually use it for a snack and since i've started my diet the individual packs at Costco come in so handy. I heat them in the microwave and sprinkler course salt on them. I also have roated them in the oven with a little olive oil and salt and it is to die for. Something healthy that you can nervously eat a ton of and not feel guilty. I read somewhere that we actually eat less when there is 'leftover' food on our plate. For example, the edamame skin, chicken bone, or nut shells.

hsjacobus said...

Okay I like your freezer drawer photo. I had to defrost mine or buy a falling rocks sign for the outside of it. It's a very old freezer.