Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February Project - Ousting Crafts

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I love to see the talent that other people have. I love to see the creation of other peoples mind. I love to see all the strength and imagination that I don't have myself. Weather it be scrapbooking, decorating, writing, or some other craft, I love to think I'm that talented too....and I guess that is why I think I can attempt it.

My last endeavor of creation cost me over $100 and I haven't even come close to completing the project. That was the Table Cloth of hand made felt I envied at a trade show I went too. I looked at it...researched the technique on the internet, and then I spent so much time picking colors of roving (that was the new word I had learned so I guess some good came of it) that I ran out of steam realizing the true cost and time. I should have just bought it when I saw it.
I have done this with every crafty project out there. I thought stamping was pretty cool so I bought cute stamps from Stampin' up, and then have never used them. I have scrapbook paper galore of which I truly will never use...but it is fun to look at. During my beading era, I managed to create 1 necklace and 1 bracelet before I realized that the extra money of sterling silver beads was ridiculous because it tarnished too quickly and I had no energy to clean them.

So in my simplifying of life I have decided to rid myself of all crafts! I’m not crafty…Why pretend anymore. Why spend more money on something I just don’t have the patience for. The truth is, I’m probably a perfectionist. I want whatever I do to look perfect (like the talent I admire) and it just doesn’t happen. This frustrates me and I move on. It’s okay, there is nothing wrong with this. I just know myself enough that if I want it…I will buy it. So as Jodie Foster once said in a movie…It’s okay to go!! I think I'll save money in the long run.

Now who wants to do my scrapbooking for me? I have roving I can trade for 


Fern said...

You are an exceptionally creative person. Maybe not "craft" savvy, but you come up with some of the most amazing ideas and projects. You have great decorating and fashion sense. We should've partnered up long ago!

hsjacobus said...

Ha, I did the same thing. I got rid of almost all my craft stuff. I decided blogging was better then scrapbooking any day and if I really want it in paper format then I'll print it and have it bound. I've never cared about crafts as a true hobby. I did some to decorate my home when we couldn't afford anything and I did scrapbooking to preserve memories with journaling, but again if I blog about the pictures and put them in the blog then what's the point of doing this activity twice. I wanted to spend more time with my family and that meant cutting activities that I did on my own. Scrapbooking and crafts were the first to go. I keep a glue gun because they can be handy for say pinewood derby cars, and I still have some of my scrap paper and tools because I use them in my callings,okay and I like to crochet, but honestly life has so much going on and I don't want to miss out because I had to organize my craft stuff before I could sit around for hours trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to use it. Sorry if this sounds tough, but you know It's been the best decision I ever made!