Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Snow and Cold

Posted by Dori Nottingham

It's snowing here today..... .......Again. I truly don't mind the snow. I actually enjoy it more than the slush that resides here much of the time. I like to see the piles of snow and white streets. I like to see the neighborhood out in late afternoon shoveling and waving and chatting with one another. There is something just plain cozy about it. Even in freezing temperatures.

But what I love more than anything else this time of year is..............WARM BOOTS. How grateful I am for warm boots. I can't say enough of it...it makes me smile that I can quickly slip on something and tredge out in the snow and not slip or fall or have cold feet. It has been one of the best investments and no regrets on my purchases.

I have come full circle in what my mother had tried to teach me. When I was younger I was always hating the burdensome snow boots, the scarf, the mittens and somewhere in my teenage years, I think I gave it all up for fashion and for the sake of being plain right stupid. I took me years until a great REI sale when I finally purchased my first good snowboots since junior high. I put them on...and instantly I fell in love. -45 degree weather? I'm prepared for you.

Everybody should have warm toes. Why suffer in this world if we don't have to. Buy them in spring when they are reduced to almost nothing and voile....next winter you'll be loving life as much as I do.


Fern said...

Or even worse... cold feet at church! My best purchase was stylish, dressy, leather boots. No more freezing cold feet during church! And I even wear socks and no one can even tell! When you're feet are warm, your whole body is warm!
I'm glad to have an accomplice in this theory!

hsjacobus said...

I so agree. I did the same thing in my youth even wearing shorts to school in winter. So dumb. Give me warm clothes and boots any day now. I need to get a good church set like Jennifer said. I always see them and everyone looks so cute in them, but I have yet to find a pair that are me. Someday!