Monday, January 4, 2010


Posted by Dori Nottingham

Yes it is 2010 and that means I have been thinking about New Year' Resolutions.  I always write them, and they are almost always the same each and every year.  Geez, that doesn't sound very good at all.  I must not be conquering my inner demons.   My first one is of course is the one that is bugging me the most.  That magical number has creeped up and my jeans don't quite look right.  I was within 2 pounds of my goal weight and then voile....I ate a cookie and another and another and am back up on my weight.  So first goal for 2010.......

Lose 10 pounds!

....and having  a goal without knowing how to get there is useless so I need to outline how to do it. 

1.  exercise - it makes me feel good and I can eat more without feeling guilty.  Plan for the first triathlon of the year. 
2.  plan meals in advance
3.  no eating alone or on the phone ( I can chow pretty darn fast without consciousness of thought)
4.  cut down on the calories - its truly as simple as that!

I also want to do this by March 1st.  It should be a very easy goal to reach.  Then spring time can be about vanity pounds and nothing to really stress about.  Of course I want to lose the first five this week because it should be easy right.  I'm sure I'll let you know how it went.

Happy New Year Folks....We'll see where this year takes us. 


MJ said...

Hi Dori,
I hate the fact that I always make the same New Years goal. What is with this. Ok so I have started and have lost 3lbs, and I really plan to make it this time. I am going to weight watchers to morrow morning and continue every friday morning for as long as it takes to get to my goal weight and then once a month to maintain that weight. I wish you were here to go with me. As any diet really works if you have made up your mind to do it. Take Care MJ
You can do it. Just do it.

Abby said...

I lost 10lbs in one week once -- just get your appendix taken out! ;) I think you're skinny anyway and don't need to loose weight, but I know you are strong and can do it if you want!