Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I couldn't resist

Posted by Dori Nottingham

 I have a skirt that I just love.  It's a denim skirt with a slit up up the middle front.  When I was a tad bit younger and I'm sure a tad bit smaller I loved to wear it but with time my preference is to not show as much leg.  (Could it be those ugly spider veins?).  I have never given the skirt away and still hold onto in hopes of  finding the perfect under garment/slip to wear with it.  I imaged ruffles of course.  I always wanted to make one or find a vintage clothing shop.   I recently stumbled across a website the offers a great solution.  I think they stole my idea!   They're like fancy pants from when I was a little girl.  100% Functional and these slips are totally meant to be seen.  I ordered this one and am sooooo happy.  My hunt is over and my skirt is on again. 

Check them out at Vintage Hem online. 


MJ said...

What a great Idea. I have a few dress that I think are too short for church and this would make them just the right length.