Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sandwich Art

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So zoom is in this stage where he doesn't want to eat.  He'll take one bit of his sandwich and be done and then crankiness will get the best of him in a few hours.  He doesn't even eat his favorite standbys that I can count on.  I recently came across this post from the hostess (with the mostess) and thought this idea might work. 

Could this make Zoom eat again?  It's a lot of work but very fun.  If not I'd have to be hungry enough myself to eat a lion.....or I guess any of the below. 


MJ said...

This would be way too time consuming for me. But it is so cute, I love it.

abby said...

super cute! I would totally make them...but why all the white bread?? Ick. I can't get my son to eat anything either so I'd try anything!