Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beauty Secret Revealed

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I wear flip flops most of the summer.  The kind that have sports tread that just rub your heals back and forth.  Admittedly I get flip flip disease and my heals look like I'm 68.  It is not very attractive and I have tried the best of foot creams.  Last week I came across a video with Paula Begoun and she gave the first practical heal fix it that actually worked...and fast.  It is tried and true and I can tell you that my 68 year old heals now are strappy sandal ready.  Yes, just in time for winter. 

Here was the cure all that worked.  Take stridex pads (yes the acne medication) and rub on your heals or calloused areas.  Then use a heavy cream such as Eucerin or Vaseline over the top.  Put socks over the top and have a good night sleep.  Do this for just seven days and voile.....the desired result.  The reasoning is the 2% salicylic acid in stridex acts as an exfoliant.  The result was a happy dori.   I was skeptical because of the one week promise but did do it and received beautiful results.  Another positive was it was sooooo much easier on the pocket book than the miracle cream they push at the salon.  Now that is something to write about.  I healed my heels. 


Karynn said...

So cool - I've never heard of that fix before!

MJ said...

OK, Now I think I will give it a try, I wear flip flops most of the year.