Monday, July 27, 2009

Another day older

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Three things happened yesterday. I gave my son a haircut, threw away his binky, and I turned another year older. For me this was a reality check. When did I get so old (this year has really thrown me for a loop) and when did my baby grow into a little boy? It's the inevitable I guess....the passing of time and growing older. It just seems to truly be happening at a faster and faster pace.

Making the most of each moment is what I need to perfect. Passing time is not something I like but living to the fullest is what I strive for. Do I do it all the, especially when life happens to you faster than you do life. However this year I vow to myself to enjoy, create, inspire, and make the time pass with no regrets. I need to enjoy the strife with laughter, help others more, cherish the moments with my little boy, and so much more. I may feel time passing but it doesn't mean I still can't enjoy the trip. Grey hairs and all.


abby said...

Age is beauty...right? ;)