Monday, April 6, 2009

Posted by Dori Nottingham

After a week of accomplishing absolutely nothing I'm making this the week to accomplish 100% of everything. Sound like a lot....I'm sure it is but I just have to get things in order. My first thing to do is make a list. Of course the first thing on my list is to buy paper.....because I ran out of it and cannot make my list so I already am feeling like I can't accomplish everything. Where is all that junk mail when you need to write on it?

It's my Zoom's 2nd birthday this week and I have cupcakes to make, pinatas to buy, house to clean, bills to pay, look for job and more and more I need to remember to put on my least my future list. After my first goal of buying paper. How can a woman keep up?

It reminds me of a shirt my brother had growing up. It read.....Never do today what you can put off tomorrow. I think that's what got me into my mess.


Karynn said...

I just told J.R. that my motto was "Why do today what you can do tomorrow?" I'm in a mess, too, but not motivated to do a thing about it, unlike you. Hopefully some of your ambition will rub off on me.
Happy Birthday to your little one! Are you feeling better? Hopefully at least well enough to pull off a party, huh? Is he better yet?