Thursday, March 26, 2009

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I hadn't seen this picture but the new billboard from the Foundation for a Better Life makes me shake in my boots and truly believe in miracles. I'm sure most people in the plane did think they would die but truly everything works exactly how it was supposed to.

There is that renowned poster that states "keep calm and carry on". If more of us took a deep breath before hard or stressful times I'm sure everything would end up okay in the end. That's what I'm learning....that no matter what your trial, it is going to happen and it usually happens a lot better without the drama. If we prepare, focus and keep our cool there might be a miracle in there for some of us.

...and that's my deep thought for the day. :)


MJ said...

Dori, That is exactly what they said in church yesterday.

I kinda got.
Expect the worst. (Like be prepared)
Hope for the Best. (Faith)
And stay calm and you can handle what ever you get.