Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Couch Time

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I'm in the market for a new couch and I'm so very excited. As easy as I thought it was going to be I'm now confused with all the choices. They are so many good looking couches and so many are way out of my price range.

When I finally find the couch that I like choosing the material is a whole other problem. I love light color couches like the one above called the markin from Rowe. However with my little boy the fabric needs to be cleanable and livable.

A few years ago I had my heart set on this sofa from Robin Bruce. Notice how the styles of the two couches are nothing alike. I'm easily swayed when along comes another pretty couch. I also like the traditional slip-covered couch from Pottery Barn.

Maybe my problem lies in the fact I just haven't found the perfect couch for me. Maybe I'll come upon it and it will be love at first sight. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

get a leather couch. you can wipe off whatever he spills on it. seem to last much longer. the print or fabric never goes out of style. - Julie

Karynn said...

Ooooo! So fun - big ticket shopping! I have no suggestions, but one warning. If you get a couch with removable pillows, they will absolutely, 100% without a doubt get removed. Probably on a daily basis, most likely on an hourly basis. This may or may not help you in your decision, but you can't say I didn't warn you! I've made this mistake twice and I'm paying for it right now, as we speak, even though I put them back on not two minutes ago.

Karynn said...

Oh, - to back up Julie's comment - I love my leather sofas - soft and plush, but no removable pillows. Look for a higher quality leather that has been distressed and you will never have the issue of it being too cold.

Susan said...

Well, my advice is also, don't buy a sofa with removable pillows/cushions. Big pain in the neck! Three friends have given you the same words of wisdom, you should probably heed them!