Thursday, December 11, 2008

Homemade wreath

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I've never been invited to a wreath making party, but when I read about a new 'trend' for Christmas it made me excited. Why not....we all like wreaths on some level. Of course we can stop buy Costco and pick up nice evergreen wreath for $14 but you can also stop by costco and buy a zillion cookies to give away too, but for some reason, most of us seem to fit it the tradition of making holiday cookies and treats.
Making a wreath is actually easier than it looks. Trust the craft challenged. Somehow as long as your follow the wreath form (available at most craft stores) you can cut, prune and get that thing in shape. I love bay leaves and the wreaths are so elegant. For directions click here. A little rosemary from your neighbors hedge and you have an elegant organic feel. Holly is definitely the added bonus.
I also saw this wreaths like this on Etsy and thought it was a fun and cute idea. The possibilities are endless. Want to come to my wreath making year it's in the works for sure!


hsjacobus said...

I'm with you on the homemade. I know the quality will be there as well as I will certainly care about the object a bit more. I'm truly tired os "stuff!"