Friday, December 5, 2008

Chocolate, Cookies, and More

Posted by Dori Nottingham

If you're a treat lover you definitely love this time of year. The holidays bring food a plenty, snacks galore and tons of parties. The problem is......the weight gain. Until January 1st when most of the population resolves to loose the weight for spring we just indulge and partake.

However I am down 7 pounds (yes...elaine...I worked my but off in November) and want to keep it off. Even more......I have five more pounds until all my pre-baby weight is gone. Wouldn't it be awesome to get that off before January 1st. So my goals for December are listed, as simple as they are.

1. If it's not going to be 100% scrumptious...just pass. This is hard I'm sure but do I really need to eat store bought cookies, or Reese's peanut butter cups. They are here all year long so why the temptation. Use the french women don't get fat theory.....three bites and you're satisfied.

2. Count Calories- something I've realized recently that is a fact of life. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie. Eat low cal foods if I'm planning to indulge at a party etc. Besides....something healthy this time of year is probably the best thing for you. Does pumpkin pie count as healthy?

3. Drink water and plenty of it. Often times I'm just thirsty but I grab a cookie or truffle to go. If I just stopped to drink some water......hmmmmm maybe my cravings would stop. And besides, it might give me time to think about what I'm doing and realize my eating is habitual.

4. Stay busy and serve others. This won't give me time to eat or to think about myself and truthfully that is the whole reason for the season. It brings happiness and joy and I will have my service endorphins running and won't need sugar subsitutions. Hopefully a good theory.....Now how can I deflect the gratitude cookies of friendship. No regifting food Dori!!! (just kidding people)

I'm not sure if I can loose the weight by January 1st but I want to keep the weight off I did lose. It's like an uphill battle this time of year. But's definitely it will be worth the hike. It always is.


I am SO impressed. 7 pounds is a challenge to lose any time of year, but during the Holidays? I don't think it has ever been done before!
Fortunately, I crave fruit instead of chocolate and treats right now, but unfortunately, my metabolism doesn't seem to give a crap. I have still gained FAR MORE than my fair share of weight. But, I always do. I just hoped it would be different this time. Some people never learn.
Congratulations on being 5 pounds away from pre-preggo! I am in complete admiration.