Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Posted by Unknown

I'm on my last ten pounds of weight loss. Yes, I'm still working on the 70 Pounds that I gained during pregnancy. I'm starting to be thin again and I feel so much better. I can actually get into my jeans on, though truthfully my pockets are more on my hips than on my big watoosee. It's taken longer and its so much harder than I imagined. But as I approach I say to myself those famous last words. I will never let myself get out of shape again.

Since my triathlon I admit that I'm probably in shape. Just wanting to loose more and tighten up my body. I'm getting tired and bored with the monotonous run I do. Since my schedule is limited I can't mix it up more than I am currently doing. As the weather gets a little colder I realize my motivation has to stay. Maybe a race in early spring or even some light races through the winter months. In Bend, they have the turkey trot and jingle bell runs but they are only 5ks....oh..and I don't live there anymore. Mapmyrun.com is supposed to be motivating but....that's not working out for me either. I need an extra push.

In college my friend Tara used to meet me at 6:00am to go swimming everyday. Some days I'd think she wasn't coming but she always showed up. She was the motivation I needed to get myself out on cold tired days. I depended on her and she depended on me.

Any thoughts? I'm not into the Gym thing. Unless it's a yoga or spin class. I need a boost


Hey there- oh I miss our Bend work outs. I am so proud of the progress you have made way to go! Keep it up and put the chocolate down! Seriously...what do we do in the winter??? I am sloshing through rain. EEEKKKK

hsjacobus said...

Do you run with music? I love my MP3 player! I like to go someplace different from time to time, but like you I find my schedule crazy and me making the same run everyday that I actually go. Good luck with this one. I'll be looking at everyone's ideas too!