Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Have you caught the wave of Facebook

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Facebook hasn't been around that long but it's sure getting more popular and popular. I can tell because more people keep finding me and adding me as there friends. I'm not a 'facebooker' as you might say. I don't log on to check out status updates and I don't usually search for people from my past. I joined because of an e-mail somebody sent me. I was invited to join and I did. From that point I have become reacquainted from people throughout my whole life. My neighbor from childhood facebooked me. My first kiss in preschool found me. Some old college roommates have found me again. You never know who the next person you will find on this thing. Many people I know won't join because they don't want people hunting them down but i find it kind of fun. When I first joined there was just four or five people from my high school registered. Now there is a slew. I kind of think of it like a virtual phonebook. You can send them a message, call them if they post their number, or ever see a picture of what they look like all these years later. I never did do the 'myspace' thing so maybe this is the exact same thing but on a professional level. Some say it's annoying but reconnecting with people is what life is about.


ktb said...

I think facebook is fun and I like to be connected to people. Thanks for being my real friend and my facebook friend

tracey said...

Will you be my friend?

hsjacobus said...

I like the blog thing much better, but I know what you mean about finding people you've lost track of.