Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Favorite Item

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Growing up my mother always had natural peanut butter. We hated it as kids and longed to have our mother actually approve JIF, or SKIPPY, or Peter Pan or even better yet GOOBERS (the kind with the jelly in the jar) peanut butter. However much to our disappoint she firmly stated that the other stuff would kill us if we ate it. So we received the Natural Chunky peanut butter that had an inch of oil on the top. It would either be too runny and ooze all over our hands or hard as a rock at the bottom of the jar.

Of course we never had the patience to stir it up like our mom. They hadn't even invented the no stir natural peanut butter yet (which in my mind isn't the true butter from the nut if you get my point) and our trials in life were too hard for us to handle.

But time passed and I grew up. I now, because of my mothers indoctrination I'm sure, I only eat natural peanut butter. MMMMMMM.....so good it actually is and I realize that those other peanut butters are so overrated with their hydrogenated oils and more. These still is the problem with the oil however with this awesome invention it solves my problems.

It's one of my new favorite items. How ingenious and simple. But as my mom would say.....a true life saver. Buy it from lehman's online store or amazon.


Fern said...

We've discovered "Skippy Natural" PB. We'll never go back! It's all natural, and tastes just like peanuts! What a concept!