Thursday, May 8, 2008

Back to Swimsuits

Posted by Dori Nottingham

So in my hunt for swimsuits I was told and came across some different sites for swimsuits. The following are just a few different than your normal everyday shopping sites you might think of right off hand.

This is a catalog company with clothing and athletic gear. There stuff is awesome and you more than likely won't find the lady next to you wearing the same swimsuit. If I had a body like their models I'd be proud to sport any of their suits.

Lime Ricki
This is a site with trendy hip suits that are totally modest. They might be a little "young" in taste but I liked the idea and the prices were good and the clearance suits were a bargain.

A clothing and a swim line. Window shop for a different fun approach to swimsuits. Very modest as well. Fun and Exciting. Definitely not your same old stuff.

Sometimes simplicity is the best.

A good site with cuter than you might expect from landsend. They have a wide selection and even has mastectomy suits which are great. I didn't know they sold these and bought my mother one that was well needed and saved a fortune from the boutique she usually buys from. They also have double D and DD's for all you big boobers as well.

Hope this list may help for the necessary evil purchase that we all seek out.


Cathy said...

I also love the virtual model on Landsend's site...