Friday, March 28, 2008

Stand Up for the Day

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I've only received a pedicure a few times but it was totally awkward. This video made me laugh and relive my experience. For all of you regulars I'm sure you'll think it's funny as well.


Tracey said...

I saw this video about a year ago and thought it was so funny! I love it!

Peter Chen said...

Hi Hunky Dori,

Thanks for leaving a comment in my post New Blogger templates modified to 3 column by Stavanger. I have responded to your comment.

But I noticed there is a graphic in the blog Header, so I suppose your problem is solved. I hope the green stuff is the image background, the Hunky Dori is the actual tile (not graphic but text) same for description "Hall full, bottom heavy but A-Okay". However, it does not appear to be so, and if the blog title and description has been incorporated into a graphic, search engine cannot read it and it is bad for SEO (search engine optimization). That is A-Okay if you are not looking for more traffic (visitors) from search engines. For me, I want to be found by search engine, and not having a text blog title and description is not A-Okay for me. I have various solutions, but if as I said, you are not worried about getting traffic, then you don't need to worry your top, heavy or light, about it.

Peter Blog*Star
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