Monday, January 21, 2008

How to qualify for free stuff

Posted by Dori Nottingham

The first giveaway is easy. I'm only sending out of link to select people in my address book. That means...I will more than likely will know the person who wins the free loot. It will always be unbiased and done at random using and you will be notified through my blog. Imagine that!

There is of course a catch. You have to return in order to claim your prize. I will not notify you through an email but rather through a post. E-mail me with your address and a few days later, something will arrive in the mail.

In order to qualify you must respond to the post "give-away" with your comment, link, or suggestion. Positive feedback is always encouraged :) To qualify for the first give away simple leave a comment with your your blog, comment or worthy site of interest to this post or one within the next week. The winner will be posted on January 31st. Check back to see if you're the winner.