Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some day, I'll have it in my own yard.

Posted by Dori Nottingham

I'm a nature freak, I know and I just discovered a favorite new place in Salt Lake City. It's actually called Thanksgiving Point Gardens and though it's totally unnatural I love it, love it, love it!!! I guess you have to like flowers and walking (though you can rent golf carts and those fun little two wheeled standy things) to go to a garden and be willing to pay for something that somebody else planted. But oh how they planted it in such a beautiful way.

A flicker photo
Zoom and I went and he had so much fun running on the paths across the 56 acres and rolling down all the hills. They have a Children's Garden as well in which his mom didn't allow enough time, so exploring was limited before closing time. Oh course my favorite garden among the 18+ areas was the secret garden. It was charming and magical and so many people just sat along on benches in this bustling oasis. I would have loved to sit and explore but when you're with a hyperactive two year old it's off to the next garden before any more innocent bystanders get splashed from the fountain.

a Dori photo
Be sure to check it off if you already haven't at the point of the mountain. So wonderful that it could turn the heart of any Botany major back to her roots. Did I say how much I loved this place?


Julie Walker said...

very cool. i'll come visit you so you can go again with me. i need to call you to see whats up.