Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Posted by Dori Nottingham

Today is a busy day. I'm sure a busy day for all of us. I am making a cheesecake (I've never done that from scratch and it's the sweet potato cheesecake I wrote about which threatens my quest for perfectionism) which alots for 2.5 hours of prep time . I have to buy a pecan and pumpkin pie...Thanks Costco! I have to get the guest bedroom ready....and as I'm sitting here I see or rather smell the immediate task of changing my sons diaper. Whewww!!! And that's just what I can't put off until another day.

I also don't want to put off little zoom (my son) from putting on his rain boots and go finding puddles. Our first rainstorm arrived and it seems like a good activity. Probably good for me too and it could be therapeutic. How many calories can I burn by stomping in puddles? I'm sure It will be the highlight of my day.

Be safe if you are traveling and have a good day tomorrow. Eat plenty of good food and remember that thanksgiving only comes once a year sooo cheesecake, pecan and pumpkin pie for dessert. Be grateful for all of what life gives you. The ups and the downs.

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Did you really go splash in puddles? You are the coolest Mom. Everyone in your life ought to be mighty thankful for you this week.

It's raining here, and I opened the garage so I wouldn't have to walk an extra 20 feet to the front door. And if my children even think about approaching a puddle, I quake and shiver. Time to be more like Dori.

Katrina said...

I know I'm a little late with commenting on this one but I just wanted to say that I loved what you said about the puddles... so true. We need to let our kids play in them and do so ourselves once in awhile. I hope I remember this for the next rainy day we have!